Selling Your Home - FAQ

Selling Your Home - FAQ

Selling your home - FAQ

Frequently asked questions

1. Does it really matter which real estate agent lists my house?

It is critically important which agent you select to market and sell your home.

Just putting your house in the MLS doesn't guarantee that it will sell. Not every listing sells. Many don't. Home sales depend on the price, condition and location of your house and how much exposure it receives. Our goal is not to list your house, but to sell your house! We will present you with a custom, tailored marketing plan with that goal in mind.

2. Shouldn't I select the real estate agent who says he/she can get the highest price?

The most important time to have your house priced correctly is in the beginning. The market determines the value of your home. Buyers are going to scrutinize the price, location and condition of your house. They engage in comparison shopping and will not pay more for a property than they could pay for another similar property.

Here are some factors that help determine the price of your house:

  • Location
  • Condition of home
  • Size of property
  • Buyer demand
  • Interest rates
  • Price of sold properties
  • The economy
  • Age of property
  • Similar properties for sale

These factors have no effect on the current value of your property:

  • What you paid
  • Needed proceeds
  • What people say it is worth
  • Tax appraisal

You should insist on a written, well-researched market analysis. You know the homes in your area that are comparable and are currently for sale. Ask to see them. Hire the agent who is going to give you the best marketing, not the one who is willing to support an unrealistic price.

3. Couldn't I just put a "For Sale" sign in my yard and an ad in the newspaper and sell my own home?

The yard sign and newspaper ad, while effective, actually account for a very small percentage of “qualified� buyer activity. Only 15 percent of qualified buyers come from yard signs, and only six percent from newspaper ads. You're eliminating 79 percent of the market when you use only yard signs and an ad. That's why 90 to 95 percent of for-sale-by-owners fail and eventually go with a real estate professional to sell their house.

4. What about listing with a real estate company that "discounts" commissions?

Remember the old saying, "You get what you pay for"? Marketing involves costs - both money and time. Flyers, advertising, virtual tours, photos, direct mail, open house promotions, etc., cost money. Entering into the MLS and other web sites, negotiating, correctly managing the paperwork takes time. Ask what services are not going to be provided. Full service deserves full commission. You need an aggressive, proactive professional to find you a buyer and to net you the best price.

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